Thank you for visiting the Minneapolis Jewish Cemetery


Minneapolis Jewish Cemetery (MJC) is one of four separate cemeteries located between the 70 & 1/2 Street and 72nd Street of Penn Avenue.  The other cemeteries are United Hebrew Brotherhood, Gemelus Chesed Cemetery, and B'nai Emet Cemetery.  Each cemetery is operated independently. 

Minneapolis Jewish Cemetery was originally established in 1890.  Today it is run as a private cemetery association.  This means that the lot owners collectively own and administer the cemetery.  The cemetery is managed by a superintendent.  

The cemetery has a volunteer Board of Trustees that rotate terms and take on official duties of setting policy and administrative oversight.  An annual meeting is generally held during August of each year to elect board members and officers.  Lot owners, next of kin and guests are eligible to attend the annual meetings.  But only lot owners may service on the board. 

 The cemetery is not affiliated with a particular synagogue or Jewish denomination. However, Minneapolis Jewish Cemetery was founded under the principals of traditional Judaism.  Therefore, the cemetery is committed to holding to Jewish tradition.  Persons of the Jewish faith or converts to Judaism may be buried in the cemetery.  Interfaith and cremation burials are available in certain areas.

For a complete copy of cemetery Bylaws click on the Board Members and Staff tab.