Prices current as of:  Jan. 1, 2018

Burial Lot                                         $2400/lot

   • Perpetual care maintenance is included with all new lot sales.

    • Acquiring a burial lot is referred to as a "right of burial".  Title to the land         is not acquired, and stays with the cemetery. 

Perpetual care Maintenance           $ 800/lot

    • If perpetual care was not collected at the time of lot sale, it is     assessed at the time of burial at a rate of $800/burial. Lot sales     that did not include perpetual care in the cost of the lot were     typically transacted prior to the year 2000.  Check your lot purchase     paperwork or with the superintendent for clarification.

    • Perpetual care maintenance includes mowing and general grounds     upkeep.  Perpetual care does not include maintenance or repairs to     monuments or other memorials. Memorials are the property of those     that purchased them and directed their setting in the cemetery.  The     cemetery is not responsible for upkeep or damage to memorials.

Opening and Closing of grave site   $1500/lot**

Foundation installation                     $  800

(required on all upright monuments and flat markers)

MN sales tax on foundation              $    60.20

Chapel usage (optional)                    $  300

Snow removal or frost (seasonal)    $  200       

Monument maintenance fee*            $ 300

* This charge applies if a foundation under a double monument already existed prior to the cemetery collecting for foundation installation (approximately from before January 2014). Or if for other reason a memorial foundation is not required. The fee also applies to upright veteran monuments where a cement foundation may not be needed.  Veteran monuments are generally installed directly into the ground without a cement foundation.  The monument maintenance fee is used at the cemetery's discretion for general upkeep of old and older monuments where no family member can be identified to take responsibility for care of a monument or marker.


** Burials scheduled on major US federal holidays may incur an additional Holiday Charge of $300.